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Types of Fires

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Although any type of fire damage may seem terrible, there are many different type of fires. Not only does fire damage cause issues to your home but also to your safety. It is important to understand the different types of fires so that we can help to prevent them. 

Some different types of fire damage would be:

Class A:

  • Common in households
  • Started from wood, rubber, cloth, or plastic,
  • Prevent by getting rid of trash, rags, containers, and be sure to control smoking areas

Class B:

  • Started from gasoline, petrol, waxes, paint, and oil
  • Prevent by using non flammable cleaners
  • Keep equipment in well ventilated areas

Class C: 

  • Started from natural gas, butane, propane, and hydrogen
  • Typically originates in kitchens 
  • Prevent by inspecting appliances

Class D:

  • Worst fire classification
  • Started from combusted metals like sodium, magnesium, and potassium
  • Typically originates in a lab or business
  • Never use water or wet sand to extinguish due to the moisture releases oxygen

Class K:

  • Started from fat and oils
  • Originates in restaurants, hotels, and homes 

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Cord Safety

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

A simple mistake can cause a life threatening issue. Although we are always just one call away from helping out our wonderful customers, we are also hear to educate. 

Hopefully this information can one day save someone's life along with their house. It is extremely important to always be aware of how you are using you extension cords. 

  • Outdoor cords are for the outdoors only
  • Make sure it can handle the wattage 
  • Use 3 prong plugs
  • For large appliances: use thick/round cords
  • For small appliances: use thin/ flat cords
  • Don't bend or coil the cords 
  • Don't run the cord under rug/furniture
  • Keep them dry
  • Unplug when not in use
  • Use them temporarily not permanently

In case of an emergency do not be afraid to reach out to us with our 24 hour emergency service. Give us a call at (951) 344-6115 

After A Fire

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Fires can be deadly and cause a ton of damage to your property. Sometimes after the area is restored there will be lingering issues. There will be a slight smell due to the extent of the issue. Also there will be smoke and residue left behind as well.

Although this is frustrating, it is completely normal and unavoidable. There are three different types of smoke and residue that is typically left behind. 

  1. Synthetic
  2. Protein
  3. Natural 

Synthetic residue is typically caused by fabric or plastic burning. This is because those are oil based materials. This creates a thick black smoke with residue. The residue is difficult to clean up as it smears.

Protein residue is based around foods containing high proteins burning. This causes a yellow/brownish residue and is difficult to clean up because it is so greasy.

Natural residue is caused from wood and fire burning because they are natural products. The residue is more of a dry powder with a grey and black color. This is much easier than the other residues to cleanup.

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Don't Handle It Yourself

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

It is devastating when a fire causes damage to your house or business. You may feel alone and overwhelmed about the clean up process.

Some people may think that they can handle it all by themselves. This could cause even further damage and will not be possible. It takes extreme skills and training to successfully clean up the damage left by a fire. We have specialized tools that assist us in cleaning and restoration.

The longer that the damage is left, it gets more destructive. Your walls, carpet, and furniture will be further damaged the longer it is put off. Lingering smoke should not be left for too long as it can be harmful for your health and property.

Here at SERVPRO of San Jacinto/Idyllwild/Lakeview we want to let you know that we are here for you! There is no mess that is too much for us to handle. Give us a call ASAP at (951) 344-6116.

Tips To Avoid Fire Disasters

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

There are many different things we overlook in our daily lives that could lead to a potential fire. It is important to be aware of potential prevention techniques. 

The most common ways that fires start within a business or house is from simple things we do every day. 

Some common instances would be:

  • candles
  • cooking
  • electrical systems

Thankfully each of these have a simple way to be prevented.

Some prevention tips to remember while using candles are:

  • do not leave them unattended
  • do not let them run for too long

Some prevention tips to remember while cooking are: 

  • use a timer
  • remove flammable objects from space
  • always pay attention
  • do not leave unattended

Some prevention tips to remember while using electrical equipment are:

  • use qualified electricians
  • replace frayed and damaged cords
  • do not overload outlet with plugs

These are all important tips to remember in our daily lives. The damage that these mistakes could bring to your home are massive. The aftermath of the damage caused by a fire brings toxic chemicals and pollution into your environment.

Thankfully, SERVPRO of San Jacinto/Idyllwild/Lakeview are looking forward to serving you. Our qualified team of trained professionals are only one call away from restoring your needs. Call us at (951) 344-6115.

Help Prevent Wildfires

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

The total devastation from wildfires across California and other areas of the USA have bought a lot of attention to a severe problem. With the wet winter and the very dry summers we all need to start trying our best to help prevent future wild fires.

> Report any unattended fires that you may see while you are out and about. If you notice a fire getting out of control and no one else is around do not hesitate to call 911 or the local fire department.

> Make sure to extinguish fire pits and camp fires when you are done. If you go camping and make a fire, firstly make sure not to leave it unattended for any period of time. Once you are done, make sure to completely extinguish it, using water on the ashes to put out any ambers.

> Never throw lit cigarettes, smoking materials or matches out of a moving car or onto the ground as they all have enough heat to start a fire.

> Follow local rules about fireworks and if you can use fireworks make sure to do it in an open area away from trees and wooded areas.

If a wild fire does occur make sure to stay safe!

How To Rid Your Yard of Fall Leaves Safely

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

Throughout fall and winter most yards will experience what seems like never ending piles of leaves that have fallen from the trees. Most will choose to burn leaves, which when done safely is perfectly okay, however it doesn't take much for those fires to get out of control. 

When burning tree debris in your yard, it is definitely okay to burn leaves, twigs and smaller branches. These burn at such a fast rate leaving little time for it to get out of control while retaining minimal heat once extinguished. However, trying to burn much more than this will become very dangerous, very quickly which can then lead to a wild fire. 

Mulch Leaves 

Instead of burning leaves the other option is to shred the leaves and use it as mulch to help your lawn or flower beds. Shredding the leaves and placing around 2 inches around growing plants will help them stay healthy during the colder months. Always make sure to shred the leaves as this will allow air flow and control the amount of moisture.  

Smoke Alarms : Installing and Testing

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

It is important that you make it a habit of checking your smoke detectors on a regular basis to ensure they working correctly to prevent any damages to your home or worse.

Installing Smoke Alarms

> Even though some parts of the home are more susceptible to fires than others, every room in your home should have a smoke alarm. This includes rooms outside sleeping areas such as hallways, on every level of the home including the basement.

> Smoke alarms should be in stalled at least 10ft from any cooking appliance. This ensures the smoke alarm is far enough away to avoid false detection while cooking but close enough to detect any emergencies.

> Avoid installing smoke alarms near windows, doors, air ducts or anything that may cause a draft.

> Install the smoke alarms high on walls and ceilings, if the ceiling is pitched then mount the alarm 4 inches from the top of the peak.

Testing Smoke Alarms

> Smoke alarms should be maintained according to the manufacturers instructions.

> To test a smoke alarm hold the button down that says test to check it has battery and working correctly. This should be done once a month.

> Batteries in smoke alarms should be changed at least once a year whether the battery is good or not.

> When replacing the battery make sure to follow the manufacture instruction guide on what kind of battery to use and how to install it correctly. It may not work correctly if not done properly.

We Are Here To Help

11/6/2020 (Permalink)

The best decision you can make when your home is exposed to fire is to rely on an expert for the safest cleanup methods. Certain tools and knowledge are required in taking the necessary precautions to get your home back to its original condition post fire. 

Walls may need proper cleaning, prior to repainting. Sometimes they may need to be replaced completely along with the floors. Let’s not forget any additional damage possibly caused by the attempts from firefighters to extinguish the fire, all of which in most cases requires a professional’s skills. Otherwise, it is highly likely one can unknowingly cause secondary damage to their property. SERVPRO of San Jacinto/Idyllwild/Lakeview strictly adheres to IICRC guidelines and takes all necessary precautions to restore your home or property after a fire. With the restoration methods you need, we can get your property looking "Like it never even happened." 

How To Help Prevent Wildfires

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

Wildfire prevention methods are essential to ensure wild lands, and those who live in and around them are safe. Here are ways that you can be proactive:

1. Report any unattended fires

2. Extinguish fire pits and campfires when done 

3.  Don’t throw lit cigarettes out of your moving car

4.  Use caution when using flammable liquids

5.  Only use fireworks in clear areas with no woods nearby

These are only a few examples of how to help the local area from wildfires. 

If your home experiences damages from wildfire, whether that be from flames, soot, smoke or ash damage. SERVPRO have trained technicians to help remove any affected materials/items or if needed we can use our specialized equipment to remove the smoke from the inside of the home.  

Preventing More Damage From A Fire

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

Here are some tips to follow after you experience a fire in your home-

  • Try not to touch content that has been damaged by fire or soot. Inadvertently, you could be damaging more furniture, walls, upholstery etc.
  • Do not to walk over singed carpet and rugs. If you cannot avoid it, use old sheets or towels around high-traffic areas.
  • If you have power, consider yourself lucky. If electricity is off, remember to empty the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Water indoor plants and make sure you wipe both sides of leaves.
  • Inspect HVAC filters.
  • Contact a repair service if you suspect your appliances were affected by the fire.
  • Inspect the ceiling and light fixtures (fans) to make sure there is no fire or water damage. If you believe they were damaged, contact an electrician.  
  • If your clothes were damaged by smoke or soot, make sure that the dry cleaner has experience removing smoke odors. Improper cleaning may set the smell.

Not Sure What To Do About Your Fire Damage?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Sadly we have been experiencing high heat warnings in our local areas. Which has caused higher risks of wild fires. SERVPRO of San Jacinto/ Idyllwild/ Lakeview are here to help if you come across any form of fire damage. Whether that be directly from a fire in your home or if you have smoke & ash damage from a fire in your area. 

We will come out to your home and do thorough inspection of all areas of your home, including the rooms, attic, crawlspace and we will look over all your belongings to check for any visual signs of damage.

If we find any visual damage we can work closely with your insurance company to help you get your home back to normal as fast as possible. 

We have special equipment and highly trained technicians who know exactly how to deal with all situations when it comes to fire damage. 

Please give us a call if you need any assistance with fire damage.